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Add Beauty to Your Home with Tile and Wooden Floor Installation

Do you want to enhance the look of your home? Why not consider tile and wooden floor installation. You will certainly be amazed to see what options are available for you. There are different types of tiles that you can choose from, ranging from simple ones to the so-called designer styles. They are designed unique and perfect, coming different sizes, shapes, patterns and colors. They can certainly suit your needs.

The Different Options

When it comes to choosing tiles, there are different options that you can choose from, such as granite, marble, as well as limestone. With the use of these natural stones, you can simply add beauty to your patio, pool, and Jacuzzi.

On the other hand, if you want to achieve a simply elegant look, Mexican terracotta can also be a good option. This type of material provides a rusty look to your floor, with color palette that range from yellow to brown. Most of the tiles also come with a matte finish, giving a classy look after installation.

Aside from tiles, you may also opt for wooden floors. They can add comfort and style to your home. You may either select wood laminates or real wood, depending on your preferences. They come in different patterns, colors, and designs.

Things to Consider

When choosing which type of flooring to choose, whether tile or wood, one of the many things that you need to consider is price. All of this depends on the amount that you are willing to spend for your home project. For tiles, you can expect to spend about $2 for each square foot tile needed. On the other hand, the price of wood flowing varies depending on the type of wood that you will use, as well as whether you will go with real wood and not wood laminates.

Another thing that you have to consider is comfort. Keep in mind that you will be using your wood all of the time. Therefore, you surely want to have something that is very comfortable. Some may prefer tile over wood and vice versa. The bottom line is that your choice depends on your style and preferences.

The most important thing to consider, however, is the company that you will turn to in order to provide you with all the services that you need. It is not possible to do them all on your own unless you are a construction expert yourself. However, if you do not know where to start, it would be best to hire the services of a professional construction firm who can assist you with the process. A to Z Construction Inc is here to help you out. Contact us for your tile and wooden floor installation needs.

Tuvia S.


Needed to have a bathroom remodeled FAST for someone newly disabled. Ami and Rami worked quickly and carefully to ensure that every detail would be ADA compliant and still look stylish. Their crew was clean, efficient, and sensitive to the needs of the people living in the house while the work was going on. the price was very fair, and they did not nickel and dime over small changes. We love the new bathroom, and people are asking me who did the work!

Thanks, Guys!


Jeff P.


General Contracting

Ami and Rami were super easy to work with and get along with. My project was fairly small in the grand scheme of construction (2 complete rooms built in a loft, an additional wall in the loft, and some odds and ends that I couldn’t have done myself) but they still put the time and focus to get the job done right, clean and attractively and in a fairly swift time frame. Their team was great and friendly, and Ami and Rami together problem solved to accomplish my unusual construction requests, and are pretty much my pals now. đź™‚ Thanks guys!


General Contracting

We hired AtoZ Construction after meeting with several remodeling companies and are very happy that we did. We had a big home project which included a room addition and a bathroom and were very picky on our screening process. AtoZ Construction surpassed all the other companies from the initial consultation, they were professional, took all the time to fully understand our expectations and needs and their price was very competitive. The project was finished on time, and was a smooth process with no surprises or delays. Rami the Meneger was supervising the entire process and was always available for us to answer questions or make slight changes if needed. We met with the designer who provided us a 3D design which was very helpful in seeing the final outcome. If you are on the fence on this one, AtoZ Construction is the way to go. We highly recommend them to anyone and love the final product of our project.

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